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The Half-Yearly Update

Hi folks,

It’s been just over six months since Elaine and I started Lit Books, and we remain amazed by how time seemed to have just flown by! It’s been a steep learning curve and I think we are now beginning to almost, sort-of get the hang of it, but only really sort-of. One of the things that we’ve really come to enjoy is ordering and receiving new books — it still feels like Christmas whenever we get a new box of books — and we are pleased to report that our stock of books has continued to grow steadily.

Our customers have been asking us to come up with a list of our bestsellers, so we have obliged and published our list of bestsellers here. While it certainly provides some insight into our customers’ reading habits, the list has to be taken with a pinch of salt as it is never our policy to purchase more than a few copies of each title. This mean that sales of a title that takes a while to restock may be lower than a title that we purchased in bulk to, for example, facilitate an in-store event.

Another interesting development is how we have really started intensifying the number of literary events at our store. Since the store’s opening, we’ve hosted several authors, live recordings with BFM’s Bookmark programme, book launches, etc. We are also going to be doing a Murakami-inspired jazz performance to show that literature isn’t confined to just the written word.

Another quick word of thanks to all, and keep following us here or on social media to keep up with developments!


Min Hun and Elaine

2 thoughts on “The Half-Yearly Update

  1. Congratulations on the milestone guys! I remember the first time walking into Lit Books and being in awe of the selection. Seeing your Book Depository wishlist items on psyhical shelves felt like a dream. Lit is more than a bookstore, it cultivates culture and bonds thanks to Lit Socials. It’s my safe space. I always feel happier upon visiting and you two are a big part of that. Thank you for making me feel warm and welcomed among tomes each time I walk in for the past six months ?

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Mariah, and we are always happy to see you too! Thanks so much for being part of our Lit family and we hope that we will remain fixtures in our respective lives in the years to come. Love to you too. –MH & EL

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