About us

Good books light up our world. And that is why we christened our bookstore, Lit Books. We love that the word “Lit” has different connotations – it’s short for literature or literary, but more pointedly, the word speaks of being illumined or enlightened, much like how reading good books elucidates the world around us. Encapsulating this idea is our firefly mascot, the Lit Bug – because good literature illuminates our minds and souls, and ignites our imaginations.

Lit Books is founded and managed by a husband-and-wife duo who are former journalists and ardent bibliophiles. We specialise in English literary titles. As an independent bookstore in Malaysia, we take pride in our carefully curated collection of acclaimed and obscure fiction across genres, complemented by a robust selection of thought-provoking nonfiction as well. From collector’s editions of classics to modern and contemporary reads and of course, exciting new releases and acclaimed bestsellers, our handpicked titles are sure to appeal to avid and casual readers alike. Complementing the books are literary themed merchandise and stationery.

More than just a bookseller, Lit was conceived to be a haven for book lovers, where conversation and discourse are encouraged and welcome. We regularly host author events and other literary-themed get togethers where attendees can interact with fellow other booklovers.

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