The International Left-Hand Calligraphy Association


Author: Tse Hao Guang
ISBN: 9798986757308
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tinfish Press

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A redefining, new collection of experimental poetry from Singaporean poet Tse Hao Guang .

A breakthrough collection of experimental poetry, THE INTERNATIONAL LEFT-HAND CALLIGRAPHY ASSOCIATION is a departure from Singaporean poet and author Tse Hao Guang’s more formalist work that in three masterful sections explores and explodes the language of physical, social, and subconscious human experience.

Every poem in The International Left-Hand Calligraphy Association is a breath, and each breath becomes a minute, hour, week, or year. Time, for Tse Hao Guang, is a bale of shredded moments and language is the great (dis)assembler. The calculated layering of the lyric is not a trick, but a redefinition of how to read and be read by the world—the sunlight, a pomelo, a crack in the earth. One will get lost in Tse’s poetry, but also find a home in the humor, histories, and happenstance he creates.