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‘Wed Wabbit’ by Lisa Evans (Review by Ng Zan Lim, age 10+)

Hey folks! Nothing gives Elaine and me greater pleasure when we meet kids excited about reading and so when this young man, Ng Zan Lim, aged 10 and a bit, said he wanted to write a review for us, we were quite over the moon! Zan Lim recently read Lissa Evans’ superb book, ‘Wed Wabbit’ which is beloved by Elaine as well. The following is his review of the story, which provides a good overall summary and why he thinks his fellow peers should read the book. 

Spoiler Alert!

I would like to write a review about a book called Wed Wabbit. It is the cover that attracted me into reading this awesome book. The story is about Fidge and her cousin Graham in Wimbley Land trying to go home while finding Minnie’s toys which are a carrot, an elephant, a phone and Wed Wabbit (Minnie’s favourite toy).

In Wimbley land, there are different colours of Wimbley Woos. There are blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and grey Wimbley Woos. Blue are strong, green are daring, yellow are timid, purple understands the past and the future of Wimbley Land, pink give cuddles and grey are wise and rarely wrong. It is an interesting, funny and adventurous book because Fidge and Graham have to understand some mysterious poems and riddles from the purple and grey Wimbley Woos while they go on difficult obstacles along the way.

If I were to rate this book from a scale of one to ten, I would choose eight because it is the best book I have ever read in a very long time. I would recommend it for children aged 10 or above. I wish Lissa Evans could make Wed Wabbit 2. I would suggest more characters inside the story and more poems and riddles for everyone to solve. I would also suggest 7 more colours and one or more city for the Wimbley Woos.

Thank you for reading this book review until the end. 🙂

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