Two Heartbeats Away


Author: KS Maniam
ISBN: 9789832737605
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Maya Press

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Two Heartbeats Away is a number of poems covering persona, social and political issues.

K. S. Maniam has been writing from his early teens. His stories have appeared in numerous journals around the world. His first novel, The Return, was published in 1981 and the second, In a Far Country, in 1993. He won the first prize for The Loved Flaw: Stories from Malaysia in The New Straits Times-McDonald’s short-story contest (1987) and for Haunting the Tiger: Contemporary Stories from Malaysia in The New Straits Times-Shell contest (1990). He is the inaugural recipient of the Raja Rao Award for Literature (New Delhi, September 2000), for his outstanding contribution to the literature of the South Asian diaspora. He has been a lecturer (198085) and associate professor (198697) in the English Department, University of Malaya, in Kuala Lumpur.