Three Drops of Rice Wine


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Format: Paperback

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This book was created as part of the research project “Big Trip-Tracking New Connections,” spanning from 2021 to 2023. It brings together articles written in various temporal states.

To gather ancestral wisdom from diffrent places and ethnic groups, we used text, images, sound, interview and experiential exploration as mediums of exploration. Most of the research and collection work took place during pandemic, with each of us confined to rooms around the world. During this time, the uncertainty of the pandemic seemed to bond us with everyone we came into contact with, and we recorded what we know.

At the beginning of this project, we started sith stories from our own experiences or those people close to us. These stories, combined with the materials we could find, began to interconnect and reveal a series of commonalities.

How dreams guide exploration, how gathering in nature shapes culture, the abilities we have lost due to enviromental changes, and our perceptions of medicine. These may seem like unique perspectives, but similar texts can be found in diffrent places around the world.