A Laboratory for Borneo Aesthetics


Author: Borneo Laboratory
ISBN: 9789869780407
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Borneo Laboratory

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A Book Dedicated to the Contemporary Landscape of Borneo Art

The Borneo Laboratory book is a selected palette of art projects, conceived and carried out with the goal of extending and developing Borneo’s existing cultural narrative. Built on four pillars of creative focus – Design and Make; Food; Documentation and the Performing Arts – it presents experienced practitioners and the innovative changes they conjured in their respective fields. It will take you through their projects, through setbacks and triumphs, through collaboration and individual endeavour, and from concept to completion. From these, you will encounter the diversity of arts and culture in the contemporary Borneo landscape. This book represents a progression from our previous Borneo Art Collective publication, which featured the unfolding stories of individual cultural practitioners in Borneo. This Borneo Laboratory book, instead, is more an exploration of the original content of its authors, told in their own words.