Thank You for Smoking


Author: Buckley Chris
ISBN: 9780812976526
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Random House

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Nick Naylor is just a regular guy trying to earn a living. In these neo-puritanical times, it’s a challenge to defend the rights of smokers and a privilege to promote their liberty. Sure, it hurts a little when you’re compared to Nazi war criminals, but Nick’s just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage and put his son through school.

As chief propagandist for the tobacco industry he can handle the insults from the antismoking zealots, but death threats are a different matter. Someone wants to prove just how hazardous smoking can be – and if Nick isn’t careful, he’s going to be stubbed out. A humorous and thought-provoking novel, Thank You for Smoking gets people talking.

The multi-award winning film adaptation, starring Aaron Eckhart, was released to widespread acclaim.

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