Posthumous Child: Inspector Mislan And The Playground Murder


Author: Rozlan Mohd Noor
ISBN: 9789670042275
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fixi

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A young woman named Norita is found dead at a playground in Bangsar. Forensic examination makes an eerie discovery: The victim was pregnant but her baby has been stolen from the womb.

Inspector Mislan Latif and his assistant Detective Sergeant Johan Kamaruddin of Special Investigations (D9) examine Norita’s life as a GRO who entertained some very rich and connected clientele, including men in politics and the judiciary. Was she killed by one of her clients? And what happened to the baby?

Mislan’s boss Superintendent Samsiah suggests that this may not be a simple case of baby trafficking but may have a supernatural element. Mislan must overcome his natural disdain for such beliefs in order to consider every angle – all while dealing with a few powerful men who are determined to shut down the investigation.