Portrait of a Malaysian Anaesthetist


Author: Anand Sachithanandan
ISBN: 9789672438137
Format: Hardcover

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Eminent British-trained anaesthesiologist Dato Dr T Sachithanandan first championed the idea and concept of intensive care in Malaysia in 1965 and went on to establish the first ICU in a Ministry of Health (MOH) hospital in Malaysia at the Johor Baru General Hospital in 1968. T Sachithanandan was a true medical leader who also pioneered and popularised the contemporary regional anaesthesia practice of nerve blockade locally, in addition to laying the academic foundations for structured postgraduate medical training for all doctors in general and anaesthetists in particular, thereby paving the way for many hundreds of Malaysian medical specialists to be locally trained.

Written in 2021, on the 40th anniversary of his untimely passing, Portrait of a Malaysian Anaesthetist is a poignant and nostalgic biopic on the professional life and career of this illustrious doctor.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Malaysian Society of Intensive Care (MSIC) and the Lung Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM)