Plates Magazine Vol 2: Durian


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Have you ever wondered why European blue cheeses, arguably as divisive as the notorious Southeast Asian durian, is rarely vilified in food writing?

This King of Fruits holds memories for many Southeast Asians; from the Kayan people of Borneo to the indigenous Semai ethnic group of Peninsular Malaysia. Indigenous folklore tales tell of the significance of the durian in cultures and histories.

From thousand-dollar Thai durians and the history behind their names to Malaysia’s unicorn species, Musang King. Also known as mao shang wang, this durian is said to lure growing Chinese consumers away from Thai durians.

Plates Magazine’s second edition takes a look at the global durian consumption and speaks to the everyday people who are betting on a fruitful prediction. Due to the spike in interest, the indigenous Orang Asli Temiar community of Gua Musang, who have spent years fighting for their ancestral land, are now facing a new threat — durian plantation companies.

This issue’s recipes: Durian-infused cocktails, stir-fried durians and a homemade fruit spread.