Midnight Chicken


Author: Ella Risbridger
ISBN: 9781526623898
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Winner of the Guild of Food Writers General Cookbook Award 2020

There are lots of ways to start a story, but this one begins with a chicken.

Because one night, Ella found herself lying on her kitchen floor, wondering if she would ever get up – and it was the thought of a chicken, of roasting it, and of eating it, that got her to her feet and made her want to be alive. Midnight Chicken is the story of Ella’s life in a Tiny Flat, and the food she cooked there. From roast garlic and tomato soup to charred leek lasagne or burnt butter brownies, she shares recipes that are about people, about love, about the things that matter every day.

This is a cookbook-of-stories to make you fall in love with the world again. With a new afterword about life after The Tiny Flat.

‘An utter treat’ – Dolly Alderton

‘Divine. Utterly totally perfect’ – Charly Cox’Generous, honest and uplifting’ – Diana Henry

‘So thoughtfully and poetically written’ – Josie Long

‘She cooks like a dream and writes like an angel’ – Sarah Phelps

‘She has found a way to write not just about food itself but, more importantly, about the darkness for which cooking can be a partial remedy’ – Bee Wilson

‘A manual for living and a declaration of hope’ – Nigella Lawson

‘Beautiful, life-affirming memoir with recipes … The most talented British debut writer in a generation’ – Sunday Times

‘Brave and moving … as effective as a manual for life as it is as a kitchen companion’ – Shamil Thakrar, co-founder of Dishoom