KS Maniam: Selected Works


Author: KS Maniam
ISBN: 9789832737582
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Maya Press

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“KS Maniam is a strong and significant voice not just in Malaysian literature in English but for all post-colonial writing. His oeuvre depicts Malaysians, often Malaysian Indians, caught in the stifling social and political forces in a multi-ethnic society.” — Malachi Edwin Vethamani, writer and Professor, University of Nottingham Malaysia

“In writing about Malaysian Indians, KS Maniam focuses on belonging within the nation. Whether it is through Muniandy’s thundu in ‘The Cord’, the grandmother’s obsession with owning land in ‘The Return’, or Sellamma’s insistence on holding on to her father’s land in ‘Between Lives’, Maniam argues that Malaysian Indians are Malaysians first, and want to find their place within the nation.” — Susan Philip, Assoc. Professor, University of Malaya.