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Help Us Support Local Filmmaking!

Hi folks! We are helping to raise funds for the production of Kuman Pictures’ Pendatang, a Malaysian action thriller. Kuman Pictures, who is headed by our good friend Amir Muhammad, has opted to crowdfund the resources required for the film’s creation instead of relying on large companies or corporate sponsors so as to enable the movie to be made and screened without commercial or bureaucratic considerations. (For more information about the movie:

While Lit Books is not in any way affiliated with the movie industry, we feel that this is an important story that needs to get told and should be given every opportunity for that to happen. To that end, we will be forwarding 50% from the profits of all crime and thriller books sold at our store until the end of the crowdfunding period (Aug 24 – Oct 6, 2022) towards the production budget. Head on to this link to cruise our crime fiction section, buy a book and help get a movie made:

(Note: Should the crowdfunding fail to meet its target, the funds raised through this promotional period will be set aside for the funding of future projects.)