When The World Feels Like A Scary Place


Author: Gewirtz Abigail
ISBN: 9781788167307
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Profile

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If you have kids, you’ll have been asked questions that are hard to answer. Many of us feel out of our depth when talking to our kids about the big stuff, whether it’s bullying, social justice, Covid-19 or climate change. Child psychologist Dr Abigail Gewirtz explains how to coach your three- to eighteen-year-old through difficult events that raise ‘big’ emotions.

Using real-world examples, talking points and insightful asides, you’ll learn how to frame difficult issues in age-appropriate ways, so your children can process big emotions in conversation with you. Offering clear and practical advice for having the kind of tough conversation that really helps, When the World Feels Like a Scary Place is an indispensable guide to talking to our kids about the big things that worry them – making us calmer parents with more resilient children.

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