What I Learnt About Semicon & EMS (2nd Edition)


Author: Peter Lim Tze Cheng
ISBN: 9789671560778
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Trident Analytics

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A sharing of my views on the industry, by Peter Lim Tze Cheng

My books are titled “What I Learnt…” as this is what they are about sharing my views rather than telling the readers “this is it”. These books encompass how I see it. They are not the ultimatum. There is a possibility that how I see things could be wrong, or not reflect the actual fundamentals of the industry.

Without a doubt, there are few challenges in writing this book.

First, is to draw the line between what can and cannot be disclosed, due to the sensitivity of some of the business information. Especially in the contract manufacturing space, be it semiconductor or electronic devices, the clientele and the products are usually private & confidential.

Second, is to ensure that this book is geared towards understanding where the local listed companies are positioned in the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industries. It is not a recommendation towards individual companies themselves. Thus, information about companies in this book is solely based on what is publicly available. The more the company discloses, the more will be written about the company. The lesser the information disclosed, the lesser we talk about them.

Third, simplifying many of the concepts and processes without going in-depth into the technicalities, as this book is not an engineering guide, but more of industry guide.

In short, this book is what it is – a guide to allow investors to understand more about our local semiconductor and EMS industry, as well as the listed companies exposed to this value chain.