We All Want Impossible Things


Author: Catherine Newman
ISBN: 9781529177220
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publisher: Penguin

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‘Nora-Ephron-style wit…comforting, so funny, moving… one of my favourite books ever‘ MARIAN KEYES
‘Newman writes loss and laughter in equally brilliant amounts.‘ BONNIE GARMUS
Dazzling, heart-wrenching, snorty-hilarious… An utter joy to read’ RACHEL JOYCE
‘An absolute masterpiece in characterisation… utterly beautiful.’ JOANNA CANNON

Who knows you better than your best friend? Who knows your secrets, your fears, your desires, your strange imperfect self?

Edi and Ash have been best friends for over forty years. Since childhood they have seen each other through life’s milestones: stealing vodka from their parents, the Madonna phase, REM concerts, unexpected wakes, marriages, infertility, children. As Ash notes, ‘Edi’s memory is like the back-up hard drive for mine.’ So when Edi is diagnosed with cancer, Ash’s world reshapes around the rhythms of Edi’s care, from making watermelon ice cubes to music therapy; from snack smuggling to impromptu excursions into the frozen winter night. Because life is about squeezing the joy out of every moment, about building a powerhouse of memories, about learning when to hold on, and when to let go.

For fans of Nora Ephron and Sorrow & BlissWe All Want Impossible Things is a deeply moving, jubilant celebration of life and friendship at its imperfect, radiant, and irreverent best.