To Nourish with Love: Flavours and Memories from Mussoorie to Malaysia


Author: Bettina Chua Abdullah, Manju Saigal
ISBN: 9789671658437
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Hikayat

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A childhood in India’s cool Mussoorie hills to a cook’s coming of age in the sultry, tropical Malaysian heat. To Nourish with Love encompasses a breadth of tales and recipes that mirrors life and its myriad flavours through dishes that celebrate the sparkling sours, joyful sweets and the welcome fresh, together with recipes of heat and spice, comforting savoury and game-changing bitters. Manju Saigal and award-winning writer Bettina Chua Abdullah pay tribute to the lessons handed down from parent to child, mother to daughter, teacher to student and between friends against the magnificent and unparalleled canvas of Indian flavour. With over 130 recipes, accompanied by mouth-watering images, delightful illustrations and illuminating digressions into agriculture, botany, culture and history. In a book paced by flavours, seasons and stories, To Nourish with Love explains why feeding is the ultimate act of love.