The Man with the Compound Eyes (Vintage Earth edition)


Author: Wu Ming-Yi
ISBN: 9781784877903
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publisher: Vintage Classic

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You must love the land, my children, and ring it in with your love’On the island of Wayo Wayo, every second son must leave on the day he turns fifteen as a sacrifice to the Sea God. Atile’i however is determined to defy destiny and become the first to survive. Across the sea, Alice Shih’s life is interrupted when a vast trash vortex comes crashing onto the shore of Taiwan, bringing Atile’i with it.

In the aftermath of the catastrophe, Atile’i and Alice retrace her late husband’s footsteps into the mountains, hoping to solve the mystery of her son’s disappearance. On their journey, memories will be challenged, an unusual bond formed, and a dark secret uncovered that will force Alice to question everything she thought she knew. ‘A haunting and evocative tale, beautifully told.

I wept at the description of the dying whales and the approaching tsunami… I think this work will be a classic’ Hugh Howey, author of WoolVINTAGE EARTH is a series of books that reveals our ever-changing relationship with the environment. These are stories old and young, set in worlds real or imagined, that allow us to explore our connection to the natural world.

Transformative, wild, surprising and essential, these novels take on the most urgent story of our times.

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Wu Ming-Yi


B-Format Paperback


Vintage Classic