The Majesties


Author: Tsao Tiffany
ISBN: 9781782276654
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pushkin Vertigo

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‘A bloody fairy tale set in modern Indonesia… fresh, sharp, and thrilling’ Tanen Jones, author of The Better Liar

For fans of Lullaby and My Sister the Serial Killer, a thrilling literary suspense story in which two sisters grapple with the past after one of them poisons their entire family

Gwendolyn and Estella are as close as sisters can be. But now Gwendolyn is lying in a coma, the sole survivor after Estella poisons their entire family. As Gwendolyn struggles to regain consciousness, she desperately retraces her memories, trying to uncover the moment that led to such a brutal act.

Journeying from the luxurious world of Indonesia’s rich and powerful, to the spectacular shows of Paris Fashion Week, and the melting pot of Melbourne’s student scene, The Majesties is a haunting novel about the dark secrets that can build a family empire – and also bring it crashing down.