The Imperial Agenda


Author: Devinder Raj
ISBN: 9789671510759
Format: Paperback

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The Imperial Agenda: The British in Malaysia from 1786 to 1957 is a look at Malaysia’s imperial past through the lens of Britain in its pursuit to exert control over the Malay Peninsula. Devinder Raj delves into the implications of imperialism on the Straits Settlements, the Federated Malay States, and the Unfederated Malay states, which eventually came to be known collectively as the Federation of Malaya, and then, as the nation is called today, Malaysia.

The British presence introduced systems of administrative policy and growth in terms of industries, plantations, and infrastructure which brought about economic advantagous.

Nevertheless, the unsavoury aspects of this agenda which last till this day begs recognition as well, such as the employment of gunboat diplomacy – the use of naval strength and military intimidation to secure strategic locations along the Straits of Melaka on the islands of Penang, Singapore, and Pangkor.

Devinder discusses intertwined subjects in this section of Malaysian history such as immigration, education, opium trading, and the practice of bringing convicts to the Straits Settlements, offering a comprehensive understanding of the complex historical context in which the Imperial Agenda unfolded and impacted the country of Malaysia as she stands today.