The Hunting Gun


Author: Yasushi Inoue (author), Michael Emmerich (translator)
ISBN: 9781805330394
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publisher: Pushkin Press Classics

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The story of a love affair and its tragic consequences, told through the letters of three women — a contemporary translation of a Modern classic

Love, death, truth and loneliness are all intertwined in this masterpiece from one of Japan’s greatest writers.
A tragedy in three letters: the masterpiece of one of Japan’s greatest writers

A lover, her daughter and the abandoned wife: three letters by three women tell the story of a love affair’s tragic consequences.

First Shoko, who finds out about the infidelity through reading her mother’s diary; then Midori, the wife who has always known but never told; and finally the beautiful Saiko, the woman who has betrayed her best friend. Yasushi Inoue’s poised, unsentimental novella is a powerful tale with universal resonance. Written from three different points of view, the story explores the impact of forbidden passion.

Don’t miss this stunning new edition of a celebrated translation of a Modern classic —  the best known and most accomplished novel by the beloved Japanese author of the acclaimed novella Bullfight.

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Yasushi Inoue


B-Format Paperback


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