The Art of Being A Brilliant Teenager


Author: Andy Cope
ISBN: 9780857089397
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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The BESTSELLING book on BEING A TEEN, now updated into an all new edition. In a world where there’s a lot of talk about “living your best life” and being your “best self”, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager shows you how. The book has a strong academic underpinning (its DNA is taken from the author’s PhD) but is written in a fun and non-patronising way.

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager is a book that prepares young people for REAL life; addressing modern issues of screen time and social media, as well as the teenage perennials of confidence, positivity, motivation and relationships. The book is built on a rock-solid foundation of wellbeing and human flourishing but is quirky in tone and entertaining to read. Dr Andy Cope’s words are brilliantly brought to life by award winning illustrator, Amy Bradley.

The book includes activities and thought-provoking questions that encourage the user to interact with the material. Reflecting and journalling helps make the messages stick. Learn how to:
• Stay upbeat in a fast-paced world
• Be resilient and rise to life’s challenges
• Create strong relationships
• Conquer anxiety
• Tap into your values and use them to guide your life
• Shape your future The book has a deliberately light touch but is not light-weight.
It doesn’t dodge the issues. In a world of rising anxiety, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager provides a personal upgrade to ‘world class’. It shows young people how to let go of bad habits and develop positive traits that will fire up their future.
It covers themes of resilience, values, consumerism, purpose and communication, in a page-turning way. The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager is THE go-to book to ease young people into adulthood.

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