Telltale Food


Author: Bettina Abdullah Chua
ISBN: 9789671658413
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hikayat

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Thirty stories. Sustenance, soul and culinary journeys.

Telltale Food features an astonishing variety of writings that are a delicious revelation: sensory, nourishing narratives exploring themes of hunger, discovery, growth, delight and sorrow, wrapped in the world of food, cooking and eating. In their mostly Asian-inspired stories, the writers of the Fay Khoo Award transport us from the kitchens they have inherited to the ones they have adopted, down buzzy streets and in swish restaurants. There is the taste of joyful celebration and the bite of heartbreak. There is food for comfort, and food for friends, and food for the gods. And there is humour and adventure and coming of age. Through the twin lenses of memory and reflection, this is food writing for the senses and the soul.