Soulless: Inspector Mislan And The Faceless Girl


Author: Rozlan Mohd Noor
ISBN: 9789672128168
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fixi

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In a sleazy back alley of Kuala Lumpur, the body of a young woman is found. She was killed in a sadistic manner and her features erased beyond recognition.

Inspector Mislan Latif and Detective Sergeant Johan Kamaruddin of Special Investigations (D9) take the case. What puzzles them is that no one had lodged a missing-persons report, so the young woman is not only faceless but completely unknown.

An autopsy by Dr. Safia reveals a mysterious object lodged in the victim’s stomach. Had she been killed as a result of a theft gone wrong? If so, why the need to erase any trace she ever existed?

Becoming increasingly troubled by the case, Mislan and Johan make a trip across the border and uncover a sinister network that serves some very well-connected individuals—people who will now stop at nothing to keep their inhuman activities a secret.