Senlin Ascends


Author: Bancroft Josiah
ISBN: 9780356510811
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Orbit Books

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One of my favourite books of all time’ – Mark Lawrence ‘I’m wildly in love with this book’ – Pierce Brown DISCOVER THE EXTRAORDINARY DEBUT THAT HAS GOT EVERYONE TALKING Mild-mannered headmaster, Thomas Senlin prefers his adventures to be safely contained within the pages of a book. So when he loses his new bride shortly after embarking on the honeymoon of their dreams, he is ill-prepared for the trouble that follows. To find her, Senlin must enter the Tower of Babel – a world of geniuses and tyrants, of menace and wonder, of unusual animals and mysterious machines. And if he hopes to ever see his wife again, he will have to do more than just survive . . . this quiet man of letters must become a man of action. ‘Brilliant’ – Publishers Weekly ‘I loved it’ – Django Wexler ‘An engrossing intoxicating delight’ – Forbidden Planet ‘An extraordinary debut that is well worthy of the hype. A beautifully written, highly engaging page-turning masterpiece’ – Fantasy Book Review ‘Thomas Senlin is the most unlikely yet likeable hero since a certain hobbit rushed out of Bag End leaving his second breakfast half-finished and entirely unwashed-up’ – Fantasy Faction