Sankaku Volume 02: Ramen


Editors: Florentyna Leow and David Wang
ISBN: 9784991273230
Format: Paperback
Publisher: sankaku

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After a year and a half of hard work (and many, many bowls of noodles), we are proud to present Volume 02: Ramen. We explore the familiar carb-broth combo in its larger cultural context, while zeroing in on the specific experiences of ramen consumption — in other words, how people relate to ramen.

Produced in collaboration with a group of talented writers, recipe developers, and illustrators, the stories in this book run the gamut from the challenges of halal ramen and the rise of a tiny family-run noodle-making business, to meditations on searching for home in a bowl of ramen and the experience of eating ramen in space.

With original cover art of hand-drawn noodles foil-stamped in gold, by Editor-at-Large Stanley Sun.

Featuring Ramen Young, Ayam Ya Karasuma, Food Diversity, Asakusa Kaikarou, 5AM Ramen, Naoko Yamazaki, Maruhiro, YABAI YABAI

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