Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle


Author: Makiko Sano
ISBN: 9781838611675
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: OH! Life

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Lean into the food phenomenon and culture craze that’s captured the world, with ramen, the healthy fast-food that is quick to cook and delicious to eat.

With slurpable noodles, umami broths and colourful customizable toppings, this unique comfort food can be endlessly adapted according to your individual tastes and creativity. Learn the basics of broths and noodles, plus a range of add-ons to adapt as you like. Take a journey from Japanese street stall favourites and Korean versions with kimchi and spicy gochugaru to home-cooked quick meals and Tiktok-style instant recipes. Whatever style you prefer – a light shoyu mushroom ramen, a meaty chashu pork ramen or the slow-cooking legendary tonkotsu ramen – here are recipes that make for enjoyable eating all times of the day or night.