My Lovely Skull and Other Skeletons (Signed Edition)


Author: Tunku Halim
ISBN: 9789815058161
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books

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Each the darkest of tales. Skeletons in the cupboards of the mind. Shackled in a dungeon. Rattling the cages. Bones jangling as they grinningly emerge.

Meet a hungry old woman who roasts her victims. A grieving father intent on rape and murder. A sex-slave nurse who uses lizards to kill. A blood-sucking creature avenging a battered wife. A teenager in love with a beach-discovered skull. A diva-wannabe who will poison to sing. An exorcism going terribly wrong.

These and other skeletons await. Nightmarish, spine-chilling tales ready to embrace and draw you into their blood-dripping dungeons. Are you ready for the shackles? Do you have a lovely skull?