Mrs Quinn’s Rise to Fame


Author: Olivia Ford
ISBN: 9780241638552
Format: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Penguin

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Mrs Quinn is the unlikely star of Britain’s favourite baking show, but could her newfound stardom cause her biggest secret to unravel?

Jennifer Quinn has a secret. Her love of baking has just won her a spot as a contestant on a primetime TV show. It’s only the second time in fifty-nine years that she’s kept something from her beloved husband Bernard.

She’s about to be whisked into an unfamiliar world of cameras, timed challenges and celebrity judges. She could be in with a chance of being crowned the best baker in Britain.

But, as Mrs Quinn’s quiet ambitions turn into unexpected stardom, the other secret she’s been keeping is in danger of resurfacing. It was supposed to stay hidden forever.

Will Mrs Quinn rise to the challenge? Or, will her success become a recipe for disaster?

‘As delicious and comforting as a freshly baked sponge. A most, heartwarming story and delightful debut’ Ruth Jones, bestselling author of Love Untold
Perfectly baked, utterly delicious, and completely moreish. Mrs Quinn is destined to become the nation’s favourite’ Clare Pooley, bestselling author of The Authenticity Project