Knight Sir Louis and the Kingdom of Puzzles


Author: The Brothers McLeod
ISBN: 9781913101657
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publisher: Guppy Publishing
Age range: 6 – 10 years

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A brain-bending book full of puzzles and fun to fill in on holiday, at home, in bed or even under the desk at school – this brilliantly funny activity book is filled with silly puzzles, comic strips to fill in, fun activities as well as some delicious recipes to try at home. Knight Sir Louis is the champion knight at Castle Sideways, and always the first person to turn to in an emergency. He’s battled the Dragon of Doooooom (a fierce two-headed dragon), the Damsel of Distresse (stealing the kingdom’s coins of gold, silver and chocolate) – but now he’s stuck in the Kingdom of Puzzles, and needs YOU to help him out.

Complete the activities and set him and his friends free – a hilarious puzzle book which will keep your kids entertained and is the perfect companion or introduction to the fiendishly funny series about KNIGHT SIR LOUIS!

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