Kant’s Transcendental Idealism


Author: Allison, Henry
ISBN: 9780300102666
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Yale UP

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This landmark book is now reissued in a new edition that has been vastly rewritten and updated to respond to recent Kantian literature. It includes a new discussion of the Third Analogy, a greatly expanded discussion of Kant’s Paralogisms, and entirely new chapters dealing with Kant’s theory of reason, his treatment of theology, and the important Appendix to the Dialectic.
Praise for the earlier edition:

“Probably the most comprehensive and substantial study of the Critique of Pure Reason written by any American philosopher. . . . This is a splendid book.”-Lewis White Beck

“This masterful study . . . will most certainly join the canon of required reading for future interpreters of Kant’s theoretical philosophy. Superbly organized and lucidly written.”-Garrett Green, Journal of Religion