Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City


Author: Sarah Soh
ISBN: 9781912497454
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Age Range: 7 – 9 years old

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Tykotech City is home to the most incredible technology you’ve ever seen, but something is going horribly wrong with all of it and there’s only one tiny inventor that stands between the city and total darkness…

Building her own gadgets in her dad’s repair shop, Juniper Mae is a certified kid wonder. She builds jet packs, socks that keep your feet warm and dry, floating fish bowls. But a slight malfunction with one of her latest inventions causes her to crash-land in the dangerous forests around her city, and there she discovers a whole world of mystery, ancient knights and even a small green tama-tama friend, Albie. Inspired by the Guardian Knights of old, Juniper Mae steps up to the plate when her city is in danger, and when a catastrophic series of events threaten to destroy her home, it’s finally time for Juniper Mae to don her own armour and step into the spotlight.

A sparkling debut from a fresh new voice in illustrated fiction Sarah Soh.