If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair


Author: Hindmarch Anya
ISBN: 9781526629746
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Bloomsbury

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‘When asked what my best piece of advice is, I nearly always reply with: “if in doubt, wash your hair.” On the one hand it’s flippant, even trivial. But on the other hand, everyone who smiles at my silly piece of advice must also in some way relate to this doubt I am referring to.’

Anya Hindmarch is a mother of five, stepmother, entrepreneur and globally renowned businesswoman. In If in Doubt, Wash Your Hair, she shares what she has learned during her busy and eclectic life, what she still worries about, and what advice she has received along the way.

From practical tips and quick fixes, to profound observations about confidence and creativity, this inspiring handbook will show you how to live a little better – and why sometimes, the answer can be as simple as washing your hair.

‘A hands-on, practical guide to managing the stresses of daily life’ Evening Standard, Highlights for 2021
‘Warm and refreshingly honest’ Julia Samuel
‘I’ve been waiting for this book all my life and everyone needs to read it’ Claudia Winkleman