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Author: Wang Xuan Juliana
ISBN: 9781786497437
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Atlantic

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At the Beijing Olympics, a pair of synchronized divers stand poised at the edge of success and sexual self-discovery. A Chinese-American girl in Paris finds her life changed when she begins wearing a dead person’s clothes. And on a winter evening, a father creates an algorithm to troubleshoot the problem of raising a daughter across an ever-widening gulf of culture and experience.

From second-generation rich kids and livestream stars to a glass-swallowing qigong grandmaster, this funny and wise debut collection upends the well-worn path of the immigrant experience to reveal a new face of belonging: of young people testing the limits of who they are and who they will one day become, in a world as vast and various as their ambitions. __________________’Artful, funny, generous and empathetic’ Lauren Groff, author of Florida’Sublimely captivating’ Vogue’Striking, soulful and ablaze with promise.’ Observer

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