Have I Got Something to Tell You


Author: Malachi Edwin Vethamani
ISBN: 9789815144857
Format: Paperback
Publisher: PRH SEA

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A collection of stories that explore the intersections and conflicts in family lives and sexuality that are typical in contemporary Asian societies, yet also universal. These stories are set from post-independent Malaysia to the early decades of the 21st century, the Covid-19 pandemic years. Women are torn between marriage and emancipated lives of their own, a young boy whose taste or memory is shaped by May 13, mixed-race couples split by the walls of race and religion, gay men’s love cannot be understood by their family or nation, a sex-addict has to come to terms with his own demons, an endearing but heart-breaking love between two young men, one with hearing-impairment, a bungling spirit causes further complications in attempting to fulfill a death wish and the withdrawal from a dishonest relationship. These stories are set against a backdrop of clash between superstition and modernity, longing, loneliness and the search for love and resolutions which often seem unachievable.

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Malachi Edwin Vethamani