Get Shorty


Author: Leonard Elmore
ISBN: 9781474605397
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Orion

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A masterpiece’ Martin Amis

‘The coolest, hottest writer in America’ Chicago Tribune

A major Hollywood film starring John Travolta, GET SHORTY has also been adapted for TV with Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano.

Miami loan shark Chili Palmer is ice-cool, whether he’s retrieving stolen property or collecting money for the mob. Chasing a bad debt leads him to the bright lights of Hollywood – and to a true story that would make a great movie. Soon he’s pitching to Harry Zimm, a B-grade horror flick producer trying to make a comeback.

As the lure of Tinseltown’s dream-makers and gorgeous wannabe starlets becomes increasingly hard to resist, Chili gets caught up in murder,revenge and romance. Will his killer movie ever get made, or will it just get him killed . . . ?

‘In Hollywood, home of movies, gorgeous women, players and fast operators – every move you make is a potential scene … Nerve-shattering suspense, crackling dialogue and scathing wit from ‘the hottest thriller writer in the US’ Time Magazine

‘One of the most hilarious and cynical Hollywood revenge novels ever written’ Playboy

‘Extremely funny, bursting with sustained passages of black comedy . . . a major American novel’ Guardian