Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories


Author: Pankhurst, Kate
ISBN: 9781526615336
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Age range: 7 – 9 years

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‘Significantly more engaging and inspiring than the rival Rebel Girls’ GUARDIAN
‘It’s hard to imagine any group of primary-aged children who wouldn’t be inspired’ BOOKSELLER
‘An absolute must-have for every young person’s bookshelf’ HUFFINGTON POST

Prepare to be inspired with this fantastically great new series for young readers from bestselling author Kate Pankhurst, descendent of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. In this first book, read the true stories of amazing scientists and discover things that are out of this world!

Women have been responsible for many of the world’s most groundbreaking scientific discoveries. These are the stories of incredible female scientists whose hard work and persistence changed our understanding of science, and transformed people’s ideas of what women can do.

· Reach for the stars with the first African-American woman to go into space Mae Jemison
· Explore volcanoes with the fearless Katia Krafft
· Invent a treatment for malaria with the determined Tu YouYou
· Make scientific discoveries that will change the world with Marie Curie

Including comic strips, family trees, maps and more, Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories is a celebration of women who made some of the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs. A fantastic gift for girls and boys alike!

List of women featured: Mae Jemison, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Blackwell, Janaki Ammal, Caroline Herschel, Katia Krafft, Tu Youyou and Rosalind Franklin.