Confessions of an Old Boy


Author: Kam Raslan
ISBN: 9789832737681
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Maya Press

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Dato’ Hamid, ‘Old Boy’ and retired civil servant, burst into public prominence in 2007 when his rib-tickling confessional memoirs quickly sold out. Fifteen years on, this revamped edition is back to tickle the funny bone of readers afresh and introduce a new generation to just how cosmopolitan yet curmudgeonly, suave yet self-serving, poised-for-anything yet prepared-to-shirk-everything, and ultimately unwittingly hilarious an Empire-educated Malaysian can be.

Get ready to reel at his hapless adventures from the Forties to the Noughties, from Paris Chindai, London to Los Angeles, with pit stops to Algiers and the Temerloh Rest House. Revel and tut along with Dato’ Hamid as he reveals how he was seduced by a beautiful Russian diamond thief, corrupted by a ruthlessly ambitious banker, beguiled by the rhythms of the disco era, and reluctantly helped solve the murder of a billionaire businessman — when all he ever wanted was to be at home with The Wife, tending to his orchids and perusing the obituaries page in the News Straits Times.