Author: Suria Tei
ISBN: 9789671765753
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Clarity

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‘A courageous memoir filled past brimming with life, grief and compassion, and mediated with a raw lyrical intensity. This is a moving and important evocation of the moments that make up one writer’s life, and a demonstration that life – vivid, indelible life – requires great resilience, understanding, forgiveness and grace.’
Kevin MacNeil


During a Scottish summer, author Suria Tei was struck by an acute psychotic episode that left her mentally paralysed. After a few sessions of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), she gradually regained awareness.

As she recovered from her ordeal, Tei delved into the roots of her chronic depression and psychosis, eventually finding answers in her formative years growing up in a conventional Malaysian Chinese family.

From grief to depression, from psychosis to catharsis, from East to West, Tei shares her past encounters and insights into life with an unflinching honesty. Unspoken is a journey of self-discovery and understanding how the past conditions our present.