The Holy Ghost: A Spirited Comic


Author: John Hendrix
ISBN: 9781419755439
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Abrams ComicArts

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From the New York Times bestselling and award-winning artist John Hendrix comes this charming, funny, and thought-provoking collection of spiritual comics.

Does God exist? Is there a heaven? What’s the point of it all? Do we even matter? This collection of thought-provoking, humorous comic strips is a series of conversations between a squirrel, a badger, and a friendly blue ghost who may or may not be one third of the Holy Trinity. Charming, witty, and at times poignant, yet never holier-than-thou, New York Times bestselling and award-winning illustrator John Hendrix tackles some of life’s greatest questions. Whether you consider yourself faithful or a nonbeliever, these delightfully off-kilter comics deliver laughter, comfort, and philosophical musings with humble, honest spirit―and just the right dose of playful irreverence.