The Giant Dark


Author: Sarvat Hasin
ISBN: 9780349701738
Format: B-Paperback
Publisher: Dialogue Books

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One of our Favourite Reads for 2021!

What does it mean to be adored?

Aida is the defining rock star of her age; her every move observed, examined and owned by a devoted, cultish fanbase. When she disappears without a trace into a complicated love affair, her fans are determined to find her, uncover her truths and own her once more.

Away from the spotlight, Aida and Ehsan reconnect after a decade apart, hoping to recapture the innocent, lost love of their youth. But before long, their connection is strained by secrets and jealousies. The past begins to blur with their present as they follow in the footsteps of tragic, mythic lovers before them.

Inaugural winner of the Mo Siewcharran prize and shortlisted for the Encore Award, The Giant Dark is a stunning and heartbreaking literary novel about love and fame.

‘Heartbreaking, beautiful, epic. I loved it.’ KIRAN MILLWOOD HARGRAVE, author of The Mercies