Mrs Mohr Goes Missing


Author: Szymiczkowa Maryla
ISBN: 9781786077073
Format: Point Blank
Publisher: B-Format Paperback

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f Wes Anderson wrote feisty, female-led mysteries set in Poland, this is what he might write! Cracow, 1893. Desperate to relieve her boredom and improve her social standing, Zofia Turbotynska decides to organise a charity raffle. In a bid to recruit the patronage of elderly aristocratic ladies, she visits Helcel House, a retirement home run by nuns.

But when two of the residents are found dead, Zofia discovers that her real talents lie in solving mysteries. Inspired by Agatha Christie and filled with period character and zesty charm, series opener Mrs Mohr Goes Missing vividly recreates life in turn-of-the-century Poland, confronting a range of issues from class prejudice to women’s rights, and proves that everyone is capable of finding their passion in life, however unlikely that passion may seem.

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