Kojiki: The Birth Of Japan


Author: Wilds, Kazumi
ISBN: 9784805315392
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Tuttle

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Take a step back in time to the origins of Japan’s creation myth told here for the very first time in illustrated form. In the beginning there was nothing a void. Then the heavens and the earth took shape, as the ancient gods of Japan breathed the first sparks of life into these islands.

The 1300 year-old Kojiki myth traces the beginnings of the Japanese people, following the rise of the Japanese islands from their humble origins as a lump of clay to a great nation that would one day take its rightful place among the leading nations of the world. Like all creation myths from around the world, the Kojiki story occupies a treasured place in the nation’s literature and collective imagination. Kazumi Wilds’s striking illustrations capture the drama and intensity of a mythic tale where chaos and demons are unleashed and where darkness is slowly pushed back by the righteous, as good prevails over evil.

Kojiki: The Birth of Japan combines the raucous rhythms and startling imagery of today’s best graphic novels with a retelling of a classic and timeless Japanese story. This book will be remembered and treasured for years to come by lovers of mythology, folklore and anyone interested in Japanese culture and history. For readers ages 14 and older.