King of the Sea


Author: Dina Zaman
ISBN: 9786299812234
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publisher: Clarity

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King of the Sea is a collection of short stories by the acclaimed Malaysian writer, Dina Zaman focussing on her home state of Terengganu. This collection features three new short stories since its initial publication in 2012.

Terengganu is more than a state; it is a country by itself, full of magic and spirits with its seas lending an air of sensuality and surprise to Dina’s dream-like stories.

King of the Sea began as a project she worked on as a Master’s student at Lancaster University, inspired by her homesickness and her longing for Terengganu air. Drawing on her childhood memories of visits to her grandparents in Terengganu, Dina explores themes of love, grief, loss and longing, and the magic in our lives.

Spiced with sardonic humour and wit, King of the Sea is a book about the ineffable spirit of place, and how seemingly ordinary women and men experience the extraordinary.