Hotel Silence


Author: Olafsdottir, Auour Ava
ISBN: 9781782274216
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pushkin

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Winner of the Icelandic Literature Prize

Jonas feels like his life is over.
His wife has left him, his mother is slipping deeper into dementia, and his daughter is no longer who he thought. So he comes up with a foolproof plan: to buy a one-way ticket to a chaotic,war-ravaged country and put an end to it all.

But on arriving at Hotel Silence, he finds his plans – and his anonymity – begin to dissolve under the foreign sun. Now there are other things that need his attention, like the crumbling hotel itself, the staff who run it, and his unusual fellow guests. And soon it becomes clear that Jonas must decide whether he really wants to leave it all behind; or give life a second chance, albeit down a most unexpected path…

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