Author: Halli Bateman
ISBN: 9781523510054
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Workman

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Sometimes we all need a little direction in life, whether it’s to see a problem from a new perspective, confirm a gut feeling, or just remember that, yes, we’re all in this together. Communal wisdom, truth, experience – and humour – like the advice found on every page of Directions, can get you through a lot. Like an Instagram philosopher, Hallie Bateman has been sharing directions for how to live to her 85k followers, and now, beginning with the core thoughts that most resonated with her audience and adding many, many new entries, presents this lively and uplifting collection.

Hand-lettered by the author on scraps of colourful paper, and with the author’s humorous illustrations throughout, Directions is a book of inspiration and clarity, and a perfect antidote to our often confusing and challenging times. On each page is an observation, an aha moment, or a well-worded reminder. The brightly coloured spreads have a modern look and feel that will appeal to readers of all ages.

An index playfully lists the directions by theme – for example, “Directions for Being Exactly Who You Are” or “Directions for Dealin’ with Your Feelin’s,” – though most readers will dip in and out of the book as they would approach a daily horoscope, fortune cookie, or Magic 8 Ball: What Direction do I need today?