Animal Homes: Rainforest


Author: Natasha Durley
ISBN: 9781800782266
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Age Range: 1 – 3 years old

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Explore the rainforest layer by layer in this tactile introduction to habitats, and the animals who live there, for the very young.

Starting on the forest floor, spot the critters and creepy crawlies, and the animals who look for tasty bugs to eat. Take a splash in the river where the pink dolphin lives. Then climb through the dark and hot bushes where frogs like to hide. Up and up until you see the sunlight and feel the breeze in the treetops. Watch out for swinging monkeys!

This innovative non-fiction board book series takes a key STEM topic for toddlers and gives it a fresh new life. Featuring bold and bright illustrations from Natasha Durley, the chunky, shaped pages allow little hands to investigate different animal homes. Ideal for fans of the Hello, World! series, Campbell’s Busy series and Usborne’s Peep Inside series.