Introducing our Literary Society!

Not going to be anywhere as fancy as this!

The Lit Social is our attempt at creating a space and occasion for readers, book-lovers, collectors and other literary enthusiasts to meet and share their love for literature with one another. As Balzac said, “Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”

At present, Elaine and I have only a rough vision of how we would like to see the Lit Social turn out as much of it will depend on the needs and expectations of its members (we are democratic if nothing else!) We have drawn up an agenda for the first meeting which we will be using as a gauge to determine the level of interest. The agenda for the first meeting is appended below.

Do email us if you’d like to attend! RSVPs would be really helpful!

Ps. Please do not come expecting the level of elegance to come even close to the one portrayed in the picture above or suggested by the poster on the home page

The Lit Social

Inaugural meeting date: Thursday, 15th March 2018

Where: Lit Books

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Schedule of Events

7.30pm     Arrival of people. Come have a drink (cash bar, meet people, browse the shelves)

8:00pm     Meeting is called to order. Fong Min Hun, Acting Chairperson, will deliver the welcome address and outline the vision of the Lit Social. (For the time being, the Society will be an excuse for book lovers to get together once a month).

8.15pm     DISCOVERY: The Discovery will be a regular feature at every Lit Social gathering. At the Discovery, two or more members will present a study of a book with the aim of getting other members excited or interested in reading the book.

For this inaugural meeting, we ask that all participants bring a book — any book — that they think interesting and deliver a 3 to 5 minute introduction and what they like about the book they brought along. All other members expected to quietly clap, nod and murmur in agreement at the completion of each introduction.

8.45pm     DELIBERATION: Participants to deliberate on matters pertinent to society. On the agenda are the following items:

  • Should we be a proper society with office-bearers?
  • Should the Lit Society remain ad hoc or is membership required?
  • What are some of the activities that the Society should actively pursue? Some suggestions:
    — Foreign authors to Skype in for readings?
    — Workshops?
    — Events?
  • Theme for Discovery in the next month. Some suggestions include books with Dystopian themes, historical fiction, politics, poetry, etc. Volunteers for the next Discovery will also be sought.

9.30pm     DISMISSAL AND REVELRY: Free time to hold private discussions which is hopefully more scintillating thanks to the lubricating effects of wine and other stimulants.

10.00pm   Safe homes